With its iconic tower and pink sandstone construction, Altgeld Hall is one of the most easily recognized buildings on campus and is a bridge between the College of Engineering to the north and the Main Quad to the south.

The University of Illinois is embarking on a project to restore and renovate both Altgeld Hall and its neighbor across Wright Street, Illini Hall. Funds from the state, campus, and private donors will support the projected $90-100 million cost of the renovations. We invite you to partner with other alumni and friends to build the future for our campus and its students, as well as for these important campus buildings.

An investment in these spaces will directly benefit thousands of students and faculty members. The renovation will provide students and faculty collaborative spaces that are essential for learning and discovery in the 21st century. It will make both buildings accessible to all students.

For more information about the renovations, please see the project details.

An oral history of the Altgeld Chimes

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