Altgeld Chimes Centennial Concert

Chimes Celebration graphicThe Altgeld Chimes are turning 100!

Join us for the Altgeld Chimes Centennial Concert

Join the chimes players and the Marching Illini for a live concert to celebrate the occasion at 3 p.m. on Oct. 30. On that day, you can find the live stream of the event on this page.

As you wait for the Altgeld Chimes Centennial Concert, you can listen to Hail to the Orange or play your own favorite on our virtual chimes player.

Decades of the Chimes Concert Series (Oct. 25-29)

If you are interested in hearing more from the Altgeld chimesmasters, join them all week long for a special series celebrating the centennial anniversary of the chimes. The group will perform short, 10-minute concerts that feature songs from each decade of the chimes twice a day from Oct. 25-29. Learn more

100 years of the Altgeld Chimes

Celebrate the history of one of U of I’s most iconic landmarks.


After the concert on Oct. 30, join us for a webinar exploring the history and impact of Altgeld Hall, and the plans for its future.


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Learn about the Altgeld Hall renovation

The University of Illinois has embarked on a project to restore and renovate Altgeld Hall and replace its neighbor across Wright Street, Illini Hall. The renovations will provide students and faculty collaborative spaces that are essential for learning and discovery in the 21st century.

Get involved with the renovation project by giving to the campaign or reading news about the project. Or, follow one of the links below.